LEND Token

LEND token is the native ERC20 token from Aave and ETHLend platform. Our token can be stored in any Ethereum wallet in a similar way as other ERC20 tokens. Having LEND tokens give several advantages in the Aave ecosystem as:

  • Multiple utility along the Aave ecosystem. LEND token would be accepted and used in all current and future Aave products boosting the utility of our native token.
  • ETHLend:
    • Zero Fee Lending. When using LEND as loan currency there will be no platform fees.
    • 50% Discount on Fees. Using LEND tokens as collateral will reduce the platform fees by half.
    • LTV Boost to 55%. LEND token allows users to boost the LTV up to 55% when using it as collateral.
    • Featured Loans. You can use your LEND tokens to feature your loan displaying it in a very prominent way allowing to highlight your loan so it get funded faster.
    • Become a premium user. Use your LEND tokens to become a premium user and you will be allowed to fund loans one hour before the normal users.
    • Microstaking. The microstaking model allows any user in the platform to interact with the LEND token economy and get rewarded with their microstaking fees in LEND tokens over the time the users are active in the platform. You can check here for further details about the Microstaking model.

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